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|Another Sides of Hong Kong |exhibition cover
exhibition cover

[李世莊博士寫《坐這山 / 望那山》Dr. Jack Lee Sai Chong Wrote about “Another Sides of Hong Kong”]

《坐這山 / 望那山》是青年畫家馮明心和江玉儀初試啼聲之作,我有幸先睹為快, 看過她們展出的三十多幅油畫作品,除了說有莫大驚喜之外,亦感受到二人對繪畫的熱誠和抱負,新進畫家能有此志氣,是令人鼓舞的事。

展覽題目中的坐這望那,驟聽好像無厘頭,但這正是我所認識的馮明心、江玉儀,二人在創作上從來都是不安於位,那份純粹以色彩和筆觸作探險的心情,在畫布上表露無遺。馮明心嘗試以大刀闊斧的筆觸,醒神奪目的色彩,寫日常生活棄置的物件,似是在造型與內容之間, 刻意製做矛盾衝突。江玉儀揉合中西元素的山水風景,游離於現實與抽象之間,沉鬱的色調,有意無意散發絲絲浪漫氣氛。我敢說,兩種不同的畫風,實則也是兩位性格的寫照,認識她們的朋友,對此相信不會有異議。


“Another Sides of Hong Kong” is the first exhibition of young artists Fung Ming Sum and Kong Yuk Yee Fatina. I was surprised by their works when I had a chance to preview more than 30 oil paintings done by them recently. As young artists, I am very impressed by their dedication and aspiration in arts.

The Chinese title of this exhibition “sitting here/Looking at there” may sound a bit nonsense or humorous but that exactly is a reflection of the characters of Fung Ming Sum and Fatina whom I know of. Both artists are not satisfied with ordinaries in art making. They simply use colours and brushstrokes to explore the possibilities of painting, and such attempt is clearly marked on their canvases. Fung Ming Sum always tries to use bold and decisive brushstrokes, and eye-catching colors to depict everyday discards. Her attempts to create contradiction between forms and contents is remarkable. Fatina’s landscape painting shows an unusual fusion of Chinese and Western elements, creating a very romantic sight which is realistic yet abstract, usually in gloomy hues. I dare to say that these two different paintings styles are actually reflections of their personalities. If you know them well, you will agree my words.

I like to wish Fung Ming Sum and Fatina all the best in their art journeys as they just graduated from their art study. I hope that they can go beyond different obstacles, and fulfill their aspirations in their arts.



《坐這山 / 望那山》由畢業於香港浸會大學視覺藝術院的年輕畫家馮明心和江玉儀策劃。兩位畫家雖然長時間生活於香港市區,卻有感自己與這個山城有一份疏離感。透過刻畫山城的另一面向,他們嘗試尋找自己與居住城市的關係;透過作品,他們希望向觀者抒發對城市發展的隱憂及無力感。


“Another Sides of Hong Kong” is curated by emerging painters, Fung Ming Sum and Kong Yuk Yee, who graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. Although the artists have lived in Hong Kong for years, they still feel alienated from the city. Via the depiction of the other sides of the city, they try to find their personal connections with the living place. Via their artworks, they would like to express their worries and powerlessness toward the city developments, to the viewers.

The two painters will present 34 paintings in total, about objects in ruins and natural landscapes of city. Via the surface of paintings, Fung Ming Sum would like to explore the horror and beauty in urban decays and ruins, and demonstrate the distinct power of old objects. While during art creation, Kong Yuk Yee tries to immerse herself completely into the places with her sentiments, connecting the actual world with emotions, which help connecting the audiences with the canvases.


地點:石硤尾白田街30號賽馬會創意藝術中心 L0 藝廊

Date: September 15, 2016 – September 26, 2016
Time: Monday to Sunday 10:00-22:00
Venue: L0 Gallery, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, 30 Pak Tin St, Shek Kip Mei




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