Disconnect to Reconnect|JCCAC



「Disconnect to Reconnect」將會以「聯繫」為主題,與⼗四位⾹港年輕畫家審視傳統藝術媒介於這個時代的位置。


是次活動將會於 2017 年 10 ⽉ 24 ⽇(星期⼆)至 11 ⽉ 4 ⽇(星期六)在賽⾺會創意藝術中⼼ L3, L5, L6 和 L7 公共空間舉⾏,將多個分散的展⽰空間和部分單位連結。同時,我們亦會於 11 ⽉ 3 ⽇(星期五)19:30至20:30在該中⼼的中央庭園舉辦「陪我講 陪我講出我們何以⽣疏」分享會,與觀眾⼀起探索畫與社會/ 觀眾的關係。

14 drawers and painters, 5 display spaces, 2 traditional media, and 1 exhibition.

“Disconnect to Reconnect” will examine the positions of traditional media in this day and age, with 14 Hong Kong young drawers and painters, dealing explicitly with “connection”.

The exhibition brings a few artists from different educational institutions together, and starts a conversation about drawings and paintings among them. Apart from showing their unique aesthetic languages, through creations, the artists will reflect their interpretations toward “drawing” or “painting”. From figuration to abstraction, personal aspect to social aspect, craftsmanship to conceptuality, they are going to demonstrate the possibilities of the two traditional media.

The event will be held from October 24 (Tuesday) to November 4 (Saturday) 2017 at the L3, L5, L6 and L7 Common Spaces of the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, connecting the dispersive common spaces and a few studios.

Meanwhile, we will organise a sharing session on November 3 (Friday) at 19:30-20:30 at the Central Courtyard of the centre, exploring the relationship of artworks and society/ viewers, with the spectators.


/ 藝術家 Artists
陳焯南 Chan Cheuk Nam
張浩強 Cheung Ho Keung, Edward
鍾倩華 Chung Sin Wa
馮明心 Fung Ming Sum
江玉儀 Kong Yuk Yee, Fatina
關詩慧 Kwan Sze Wai
李杏娟 Lee Hang Kuen, Mandy
廖詩薇 Lio Sze Mei
麥穎森 Mak Wing Sum, Sammi
吳燕琳 Ng Yin Lam
潘美義 Poon Mei Yee, Leona
曾敏芝 Tsang Man Chi, Monchi
王 濰 Wong Wai, Mandy
姚志良 Yiu Chi Leung

/ 策展人 Curator
林漢堅 Lam Hon Kin

/ 項目統籌 Project Coordinator
馮明心 Fung Ming Sum

/ 開幕酒會 Opening Reception
2017.10.24 (二 TUE) 19:30
賽馬會創意藝術中心 L7 綠色空間
L7 Green Space, JCCAC

/ 展覽 Exhibition
2017.10.24 – 11.4 11:00-20:00
賽馬會創意藝術中心 L3, L5, L6 和 L7 公共空間
L3, L5, L6 and L7 Common Spaces, JCCAC

/ 分享會 Sharing Session
「陪我講 陪我講出我們何以生疏」談畫與社會/ 觀眾的關係
“Shall We Talk, Shall We Talk” – The Relationship between
Drawings/ Paintings and Society/ Viewers
2017.11.3 (五 FRI) 19:30-20:30
賽馬會創意藝術中心中央庭園 Central Courtyard, Jockey Club
Creative Arts Centre

/ 主辦 Presenter
環境藝術館 MOST (Museum of Site)

* A Project of “Crossing Border | Border Crossing – International Festival of Intermedia 2017” “2017年 越過界 | 國際跨媒體藝術節” 的項目

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