江玉儀(生於1992年),2015年在浸會大學視覺藝術系取得學士學位, 現今在黃竹坑ADC artspace 設立工作室專注於繪畫方面創造,藝術家擅長用稀薄漸變的顏色將日常所見的景色蛻變成陌生疏離的畫作。並希望結合中西繪畫的特點,發展出一種新的繪畫特色。

Fatina Kong graduated from the Academy of Visual Art, Hong Kong Baptist University. The paintings are characterized by their subtle color gradation and the desert environment. The artist developed a practice based on Color Field painting and Impressionism, with the ongoing influence by Chinese painting.



寄語江玉儀 Words to Kong Yuk Yee


Painting is an excellent medium for two-dimensional depiction.  It is not an architectural or spatial narration of the realistic record, as those Renaissance artists have set the highest standard for western art world.  Chinese artists, on the other hand, have tried to reinforce the flatness of painting. As mentioned by Clement Greenberg in 1965 that, “flatness alone was unique and exclusive to that art…Flatness, two dimensionality, was the only condition painting shared with no other art”.  Actually, Kong Yuk Yee is trying to integrate the spatial expression between western and Chinese paintings.  Her poetic and romantic interpretation of the Hong Kong scenery with oil paint has demonstrated the pictorial expression with such ambitious goal.   It is obviously she can achieve the goal one day.

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